"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Oh ya…Let me introduce you to, what’s her name? Oh right, Milan.

Being the middle child of three girls, I grew up with absolutely zero middle-child complex.  My mom and sisters might argue that point considerably, but since I’m the narrator of this blog, my opinion is the only one that counts here. My mom would also argue that she treated us all the same growing up and still does to this day.  Nice try mom, but no. 

I know she loves us all the same, of that I am sure, but as far as the day-to-day stuff growing up? Let me just say, being the middle child didn’t come with a new car.

My older sister's 16th birthday gift.  Nice ride Nicole!
Maybe I'll get one just like it when I'm 16!!
My 17th birthday gift. At least it runs...Almost.

Ok, those weren't exactly our cars, but my older sister did get a brand new car right after she turned 16, and I did get one from the car auction that was 10-years-old and needed a new transmission.  Not complaining, I did eventually get one, and that CRX was awesome....

Anyway,  I swore up and down that I would treat my kids exactly the same if I ever had them.  And here I am now with two.  And I treat them totally differently.  Try as I might, treating them the same is impossible.  This blog is a perfect example of how the last year has gone with how I am with the girls. Well, not quite.  I don’t actually neglect Milan like I did updating this blog with all of her new skills and silly antics.  But she just requires so much less than her older sister.  While Ellyette still takes up every ounce of everything I’ve got, Milan just goes with the flow.  She walks around like a champion, sits on my hip when she’s tired, giggles  constantly. and can entertain herself for a whole 10 minutes at a time.  She really so awesome and so easy. 

To say we scored with her is an understatement, although, she doesn’t make for many blog worthy stories.  Not like her older sister anyway….

I’m sure it won’t last forever, or really much longer – I’m not that lucky. I  just hope the change isn’t when she realizes that in all her pictures she’s wearing Ellyette’s hand-me-down clothes,  or playing with all her old toys, or dare I say it? Driving her old car.