"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Twins, two years apart

The odds of having siblings born on the same day are 1/365.  It’s somewhat assuming that with a little planning, you can avoid your kids having the same birthday. Clearly, we didn’t plan hard enough.  So without further ado…Happy 1st birthday Milan and happy 3rd birthday Ellyette.

Allow me to back up, ummm…a year and a half.  The last time I wrote in this blog was before I knew Milan was a girl, before I knew she would arrive on Ellyette’s birthday and before I had any notion that having two kids could put negatives in front of the time I actually had to myself.

I thought many a night that I should really update this bad boy.  So much has transpired the last year.  New baby, new house, new job.  But when your kids don’t nap at the same time and one or the other is up from 5:50 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and then waking up multiple times a night, it doesn’t allow much time for personal endeavors.  And by the time I even got around to the necessaries, such as showering, brushing teeth, or watching Castle on Monday nights, there was no time left for sharing my personal angst online. 

And while I have gotten grief for not going the cry it out route….Ellyette traumatized me from that one…not being tight enough on the structure…sorry mom…and being an overall sissy when it came to sleep schedule, we have finally arrived.  Yes, indeed it was a happy birthday today.  For the girls yes, but as of one week ago, Milan is finally starting to go to bed at a reasonable hour and yes, sleep through the night. 

I kind of feel like I’m getting back in touch with an old friend right now.  So much to catch up on, but just a little awkward.  The good news is, I have my nights back, and because I have no life anymore, I plan to spend them here. 

Your welcome.

A couple highlights from our zoo packed day.

Some kids ride horses and motorized barbie mobiles when they turn 3.  My kid rides a camel. Not going for glamour awards here....

 If only I could post what I  was actually thinking about this picture.  But it is a cute one of Ben and the girls.

Mom of the year.  Leave one-year-old unattended on a sea horse in order to get pictures to commemorate a birthday that if all works out, does not end with a hospital visit.

Ellyette Dizzle keeping her eyes on  both prizes as she knows what's her is hers and what's Milan's is hers as well

Happy Birthday Girls!!