"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

My Apologies

In all my haste to go over to Prague and get pregnant, I completely forgot to post my 2013 IVF extravaganza pictures.  Silly me.  So without further ado......

Let's start with dessert first....

Of course the sperm and egg cake that I insisted Heather make for me again.  It's so bright and colorful. And who doesn't want to eat a cake with swimming sperm.  I did forget to mention that our sperm was directly injected into the egg with a needle, but that would have just make the cake look weird.

And on the left side is a picture of all the fortune cookies that we didn't eat from a year's worth of Chinese take-out.  And to my good fortune, I received all kinds of wise tidbits such as, "It is a happy talent to know how to play," and "do not forget that a half truth is a whole lie," and drumroll please... "do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain."

Good idea! I should handle scorpions to rid myself of fearing them.  Not.

And then of course the drink......

Oh sangarita from Los Dos Molinos.  I will miss you for the next 10 months.  Sigh.  You are worth the wait.

And ode to the wine.  Always the prelude to a great evening, it shall temporarily be replaced with Trader Joe's blueberry sparkling juice.  Temporarily.

And then the food......

In true extravaganza mode, my girl Angel made us a send off dinner that included baked salmon with mango salsa, asparagus, salad, potatoes, wine, and brownies.  It was amazing.

And a couple days before departure, Ben made me a board of all the soft unpasteurized cheeses that I can't have for the next 10 months.  What a guy.


Gifts for extravaganza's are not a necessity, but we did have a little extra love this time around.    Just in case I didn't get pregnant, the royal bitch bag was ready and waiting in case of a BFN.  Very important to have a backup plan that includes drowning sorrows with friends and a lot of sangria.

My sister gave us an "airplane pack" for Ellyette for the ride over.  Very cool not only for us and her, but also for everyone around her who didn't hear any tantrums, crying or fussiness in general.  Thank you Nicole, from everyone on Delta flight 8731.

And finally, we got a family picture of the three of us before there were four.  So very cool.

So that about sums up this years extravaganza.  But kind of like wedding's and baby showers.  I'll be stoked if that was my last one....