"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Is it over yet???

I am less than two months into this pregnancy and boy, it has already been rough.  The things is, I hate to complain about being pregnant.  After all, I'M PREGNANT!!!!  More than a lot of my fellow IVF'ers can say....But I'm going to complain anyway because opening up the refrigerator door makes me vomit.  And so does waking up in the morning.  And changing Ellyette's diaper has put me over the edge a few times as well.  And looking at this computer screen is already starting to make me nauseous.

But the truth is, feeling horrible all day with a one-year-old wanting to hang on my leg all day hasn't even been the worst part. 

I thought I had kidney stones the first few weeks.  I went to urgent care, a chiropractor, my OBGYN and a ultrasound lab to get answers because the pain was unbearable.  And what did they find?  That I did not have kidney stones, but a polyp on my gallbladder that can only be removed surgically after the baby is born. 

Fantastic news!!! Thanks doc.

Fortunately, the pain that feels like I am being stabbed in the kidney has currently subsided until the next possible flare up.  It's a good thing I can take a Tylenol for pain.  Not.

Maybe I will have the good fortune to vomit it out before the first trimester is over....