"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Tour of Gennet

In honor of my egg extraction tomorrow, I thought I would take everyone on a tour of Gennet.  This is what my day is going to look like starting at 8:30 a.m.

Hi Gennet!  Thanks for Ellyette.  You really outdid yourself.

Second floor waiting area.  The upside?  A coffee machine and TV.  The minus side?  Seeing Avril Lavine's new video.

Moving right along......

Check it out! The examination room and ultra sound wand.  Condom included.
Not even the sunshine yellow of this chair makes it remotely appealing.
Glad to know they have microscope eyes to really get up close and personal.   Good thing I have no shame left.

Dr. Danek meeting Ellyette for the first time.  What a guy, he even gave her some sort of weird dinosaur paper puzzle thing with over 100 pieces that you need to collect. Umm.  Whatever.  He's still the best Dr. out there.  We salute you Dr. Denak

Ben with our coordinator Nikola.  She get's to deal with all the crazy infertile ladies on a daily basis.  Yikes!  We might want to do something especially nice for her when this is all finished.

The tour wouldn't be complete without Nana, Papa and Ellyette waiting outside the clinic at the Starbucks a stone's throw away.  They let you sit for as long as it takes for E to nap.

See you after the chair with attached microscope tomorrow