"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

kick your shoes off and make yourselves at home

It's done. 

It's done.  Two embryos transferred into yours truly, and two cycropreserved for possible future Hummel greatness.

A couple key players getting ready for the big move.  On the right is Nikola (our coordinator), Ellyette and Ben in his saggy gown (gotta keep his signature style regardless of what he wears...)

On the right is the lady who makes all the magic happen.  It's our embryologist.  She was Ellyette's embryologist as well.  Let's hope she can make another miracle for the Hummel's.
Here is Ellyette a couple minutes before the transfer and right before she decided to go poop.  Good luck maybe? ummmm...

And guess who didn't bring any additional diapers because she was too wound up about the day to think rationally about anything else?  That would be me.  So we took her, sticky diaper and all into the transfer to show all the doctors what they'd really helped create.

Fortunately, there was a store that sold diapers right next to the clinic, that Ben went to while I was recovering.  Of course he bought swim diapers thinking they would be great for Croatia.  And they will be.  But they aren't to be used as a regular diaper we found out after she peed all over Ben at lunch.  Twice.

Along with the diapers, I also forgot an oversized shirt.  Fortunately in the last two years, enough people have forgotten their coverups that Gennet began providing some of their own.  Thankfully.  As if a stinky baby wasn't enough.  If I had to walk in naked with a stinky baby they might have just changed their minds about transferring anything.

I think the reason I was so out of sorts was because we were anticipating a day five transfer and Nikola emailed us three hours before the transfer on day 4 letting us know we were going a day early.  So of course, I have a mild freak-out about what went wrong with our embryos that we had to transfer a day early.  Note to self: Google isn't always the best source of information when trying to keep calm about a stressful situation.  

Anyway, we went in and talked with the embryologist and she was happy with the quality of our embryos as four were just beginning the blastocyst stage (a great stage for those of you who aren't savvy in the IVF language). 

Overall, it was a great day.  A big thanks to Ben for saying that traveling to Salzburg, Austria with my parents was too far, even after I pouted for an hour.  Three hours to show up for a transfer in a city five hours away doesn't add up.

So yes Ben, you were right.  (There I said it)

Now it's time for the two week wait.  Hello Croatia.  I'll see you soon.

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