"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Packing List

I consider myself a pretty seasoned traveler.  But even with multiple international journey's under my belt, I have never packed for a month long IVF endeavor with a one year old.  So, of course, I consulted google for "toddler packing list ideas" to help me so I wouldn't be caught redhanded without common sense items that only I would forget.  I mean, who really needs snacks and diapers?

But the more I searched the "must haves," the more I found lists like the one below compliments of 


Dressy Outfit

Casual Outfits





Pajamas (2 Per Baby)

Work Out Clothes

Swimsuit (1 - 2 Per Person)

Swim Cover-Up



Work Out/Walking Shoes


Fancy Shoes

Boots for Cold Weather




Barretts/Pony Tail Holders


Beach Bag

Other Clothing/Accessories:


Breast Pump & Accessories

Baby Bottles

Baby Bottle Brush

Dish Soap

Powdered Formula


Baby Spoons

Baby Cereal

Baby Bowls for Cereal

Baby Food

Sippy Cups

Burp Cloths


Other Feeding Items

Soap (Don't Forget Baby Soap!)

Shampoo (And Baby Shampoo!)


Inflatable Baby Tub

Make-Up Bag/Shaving Kit

Hair Products (Gel, Detangler, etc.)

Comb or Brush


Prescription Glasses

Contact Lenses & Accessories

Baby Bath Towel

Bath Toys

Lip Balm with SPF

Tooth Brush

Tooth Paste

Toilet Paper On the Go (Foreign Trips)


Birth Control

Hair Dryer (Often Provided)

Other Toiletries/Bath Items:




Book Light

Lovey/Blankie/Stuffed Animal/Doll


Coloring Book

Crayons or Washable Markers

Video Player


Tour Guide Books

Beach Towels (Often Provided)

Cards/Travel Board Games

Notepad & Pen

Cell Phone

Cell Phone Charger


Extra Camera Battery or Charger

Video Camera

Video Camera Charger

Blank Disks for Video Camera

Walkie-Talkies (Foreign Travel/Cruises)

Small Flashlight


Outlet Adapter (Foreign Travel)

Multi-Outlet Extension Cord

Other Technology:

Diapering (In Addition to Diaper Bag)

Disposable Changing Pads

Diaper Cream

Box of Wipes


Diapers (What You Need + More!)

Travel Potty (For Road Trips)

Sealable Plastic Bags for Diapers

Hand Sanitizer

Disposable Swim Diapers


Baby Carrier (Baby Bjorn or Sling)

Baby Backpack

Car Seat (& Car Seat Base)

Inflatable Infant Pool (For Cruises)

Teething Ring

Pacifiers & Pacifier Hooks

Baby Monitor (Both Pieces)

Now granted, this is for the whole family, but doesn't involve the "airplane kit," which is also advised.  That includes the following items:

□   Car seat (Even if not booking a seat for baby – it can be gate checked) and/orCARES Restraint by Kids Fly Safe for children who weigh 22 – 44 pounds
□   Stroller (It can be gate-checked too)
□   Diapers (Enough to make it through the flight, plus 3 – 6 extra)
□   Diaper Cream (Tube must be smaller than 3.4 ounces due to airline regulations)
□   Diaper Wipes
□   Changing Pad (Disposable pads are great!)
□   Change of Clothes for Baby (And maybe one for you)
□   Plastic Bags for Soiled Diapers (Air sickness bags can be used for this as well)
□   Bottles (Enough to make it through the flight, plus 2 – 3 extra)
□   Nursing Cover-Up
□   Pacifiers (Plenty of ‘em stuffed in more than one bag to make retrieval easy)
□   Powdered Formula (Pre-measured into a plastic container with serving dividers)
□   Healthy Snacks
□   “Forbidden” Snacks
□   No-Spill Snack Container
□   A Sippy-Cup
□   Bib (Plastic-coated so it is easily wiped clean)
□   Baby Spoon
□   Baby Fork
□   Baby Food (In plastic containers – twice as much as you think you will need)
□   Baby Medications (Ibuprofen for sore ears and anything else baby may need)
□   Nose Aspirator (The blue booger-bulb for infants)
□   Digital Armpit Thermometer (Compact and discreet method to check for fever)
□   Travel DVD player or Smart Phone and Plenty of Kid Movies (And a couple “grown-up” movies for you in case the baby actually sleeps!)
□   3 – 9 Favorite Books (Depending on the length of the flight)
□   1 – 2 New Books
□   1 – 2 Favorite Small Toys
□   Cuddle Object (Favorite blankie or stuffed toy)
□   2 – 6 New Small Toys (You can gift wrap these for older toddlers to buy some time)
□   Pack of Fat, Triangular Crayons or Washable Markers and a Coloring Book
□   Stickers
□   Flash Cards, Lacing Cards or Other Compact Activity (For older toddlers)
All I can say is that Travel mama must have multiple house sized suitcases and multiple carry-ons to keep her kids functioning and happy.  And while I completely agree with the airplane kit idea, 9 books and six new toys seems like a little much.  
Poor Ellyette must succumb to sharing one check-in bag with her me.  So unfortunately for her, the travel pool and cold weather boots must stay at home.  And unfortunately for me, after filling up the suitcase with 2/3's baby stuff, I might have enough space to pack all my underwear.