"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Here we go again……

Well, we are officially taking the plunge and going back to Prague. Tickets have been bought. Reservations at Gennet are made, and now it’s time to get my mind focused and the rest of my baby weight off ….eye roll.

I’m actually pretty close to getting those last pounds off. In part because after Ellyette got the stomach flu last week, I got it too. And magically 3 pounds disappeared. I call it the “stomach acid diet.” It’s not for the faint of heart, but might be worth a book at some point.

One of my other motivations is this d-bag personal trainer at Gold’s Gym who upon doing my “short term” and “long term” goals, informed me he thought my short term goals should be to lose 2 pounds a week. For a year. Yes my friends, that amounts to 96 pounds, which means I would weigh less than 30 pounds at the end of the year if he got his way.

My long term goal was to lose 10 pounds.

Where the discrepancy lies between his goals and mine, I do not know. However, I can tell you that the whole “you are your own harshest critic” was completely debunked with that assessment.

So now whenever I see him at the gym, I put my snarkiest “you are terrible at math, you idiot” face on, and run an extra 15 minutes.

Maybe that was his plan to begin with….Whatever, still totally insulting.

Mad No

The other piece to getting ready for this adventure is mentally preparing for IVF. So naturally, rather than do anything ultra productive after Ellyette goes to bed, I will lurk and get the highs and lows of my community out there. And this time I will do it with no shame. Take that Ben Hummel. Did you here me? I WILL LURK INFERTILITY BOARDS WITH NO SHAME!!!

Oh infertility, and all the smilies that go with it, I have missed you so. Big Dancing Banana

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