"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

It all started when she asked me to be secretary of the PTA…..

I was shocked the other day when one of my best friends announced that she was going to be secretary of the PTA for her kid’s school next year. I guess she didn’t really “announce” it, more like stated that she had been roped into it, but how it probably wouldn’t be all that bad because all she had to do was take notes. Plus, she told me that they always make sure to have wine at whoever’s house the meetings are at.

While I love my wine, not even that could entice me to take notes for the PTA. And the kicker of the whole thing is, not only do you NOT get paid for this position, you have to get elected into it.. Ballots and everything. Even if you are running against yourself (which she is doing), people still have to cast their vote that you are indeed “good enough” to take notes for their child’s parent teacher association.

The whole conversation was slightly alarming to me as in the last year I have done all kinds of things I said that I would never do. Children’s music in the car, co-sleeping, veggie straws, “Sophia the First," a room dedicated to flashing lights, pink plastic, and wood blocks. And the list goes on from there. In the last year, I have leaped over most of the boundaries that my “pre-baby” self set. What’s to say that I too won’t be immune from PTA? It is a chilling thought, really, to think that you know your limits and then BAM! A line is crossed that can’t be uncrossed.

After PTA, then what? Fundraising committee president? School play volunteer? Field trip coordinator? Volunteer crosswalk guard? Recess duty? RECESS DUTY??? TELL ME THIS ISN'T MY FUTURE.

Then what? Will it be time to trade in my car for a black SUV with numerous flower and animal bobble heads attached to the front dash, Tinker bell seat covers, stuffed animals in the rear window, a smiley face antenna decoration and window paint congratulation my first and fifth grader for making it to the next grade level?

Oh wait….

To the lady parked outside of Trader Joe's whose vehicle this is. Thank you for the reminder of what exactly the harm is in saying yes to the PTA.