"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Happy Birthday Sweet Ellyette

In the last 360 days our lives changed more than we ever thought possible. I've compiled a list of how the bulk of our last year was spent. Happy Birthday to our sweet and amazing little girl

20,000 laps around our house to try to put her to sleep. 60,000 if you include Ben’s laps

330 sleepless nights

4 weeks of cry-it-out

1 case of dairy sensitivity

2 teeth

20 trips to the zoo

40 trips to the pool

50 trips to the park

1 trip to the emergency room

200 dance parties

30 diapers but 1,000 poops

5 trips to Arizona by the grandparents

2 trips to Washington to see the grandparents

4 states traveled

100,000 hugs and kisses

1,000 readings of “Fuzzy Bunnies,” “Snuggle Puppy,” “Love Bug,” Easter Bunny,” “Zoo Animals,” and “Oh the Thinks you can Think.”

500 readings of “Hey Baby,” “Buenos Dias Baby,” and "How do we make a Rainbow?"

100 readings of a 2010 bird calendar complete with auto bird calls

100 episodes of car seat tears

10 full-on temper tantrums (oh ya, that's happening)

360 more loads of laundry

12 new stains in house from urine, spit up and squeeze packet purees

30,000 texts to and from Ben discussing her sleeping, eating, crying, poop, and developmental habits

500 cell pictures to and from Ben of “how cute we think our kid is”

150 phone calls to and from Ben with war stories about how long she cried or how little she slept

10 million thoughts as to how lucky we are

A house full of stuffed animals, blocks, books and various plastic toys that sing, talk, play music and have flashing lights.

Countless bumps and bruises from learning to sit, crawl, walk, and hang with the dogs

Countless amounts of belly laughs, from all three of us

More love, joy, laughter, sleep deprivation and anxiety then I ever knew was possible.

Happy Birthday to the best thing that has ever happened to us and our dreams that finally became reality.