"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

If adults were like kids, I would probably like them more

I’ve been spending a lot of time around little kids the last four weeks. With spring break in full force and all the rugrats spending time with grandma and grandpa in Arizona, I have had to share my parents “heated community pool” with tykes from 0-80 years old, but mainly a lot of four through 12-year-olds. Add to the fact that my parents have a house in an “adult community” and the silverbacks only allow kids in the pool until 3:00 p.m. (and that is the generous extended kid hours), all the kiddies are practically jumping on top of each other the pool is so crowded. But does it stop me? Of course not. Ellyette the dolphin Hummel loves the pool. And if it means tolerating getting sprayed in the face by a squirt gun or accidently bashed in the head by a Styrofoam noodle, she will do it. Which means I will do it too, despite the overall phobia I have of public swimming areas. It is this phobia that has kept me away from water parks for the better part of my adult life. The thought of standing in someone else’s foot juice puddles with my own bare feet totally grosses me out. And while I do admit that this particular pool is nice, it is still filled with the only two ends of the human spectrum that have the need for diapers.

Regardless, I have thus far managed to put myself aside for the sake of Ellyette and the fun she has. And despite the fact that I assume that every child in the pool has used it for his or her personal urinal, it has been neat to see kids from all over the country come to Arizona to visit their grandparents and have such a great time. It has absolutely amazed me to see how they all play together despite not knowing each other at all. In fact, yesterday I overheard the following conversation between two boys that went like this:

“Hey you! Kid. Would you like to be my friend?”

And then they started playing together. One had a pair of oversized goggles and a snotty nose, and the other with an equally obnoxious pair of neon goggles and arm floats. When three o’clock rolled around they each got out of the pool and went their separate ways.

It got me thinking. Why can’t adults act like that? How much better would this world be if we all asked a stranger to be our friend. It amazes me every wedding I work, how many people would rather sit at a table alone than a half full table full of strangers. Either that or pull up four extra chairs to an already crowded table rather than sit at the table they were supposed to because it had strangers.
Not that I would wish for a snotty nose or arm floats, but that kid (and most kids at that pool) ended up having such a great time because they had no problem asking other kids that they didn’t know to play. Was their game of squirt gun cops and robbers annoying to me? Ummm, yes. But maybe that’s because I am an adult. Or better yet, because every time they missed each other and hit me in the face, I wondered how much fecal matter I was swallowing. The water was really salty.