"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Our ER adventure....

Ellyette might look just like me when I was a baby, but everything else about her is just like Ben. She proved that today when I told her that we were going to take our first visit to the local library.

While we were getting ready to go, she decides to throw up all over both of us. But it didn’t stop there. She continued to throw up again and again. When I called her pediatrician, the receptionist told me to skip going to the office and go straight to the emergency room.

It is safe to say that today falls under the category of “things I don’t want to do again – ever.”

I probably wouldn’t have freaked out so badly had the pediatrician said, “bring her in, she probably has a stomach bug. We will take a look at it.” But what she said was, “If she really has thrown up over four times in the last hour, go straight to the emergency room.”

So of course I think the worst. And off to the ER we went.

The drive there was terrible. To spare the dirty details, let me just say that she got sick two more times on the way, with me pulling over once at the nearest freeway exit to make sure she was still breathing…. Pretty terrible for a mom already thinking the worst.

Ben met us at the car when we arrived and had already started the check-in process (for those of you who have read my earlier posts about this hospital, I didn’t valet,in fact, I don’t know if the ER even had valet), a testament to how panicked I was.

Anyway, the staff was great and they got us right in. Three hours and a Zofran later this is what we had.

This little girl was even waving at the passerby’s after the Zofran kicked in.

Fortunately, the vomiting stopped and E started acting like her usual self. Pretty incredible considering just a few hours before I was trying to make sure she was still breathing.

So thank you to the staff at Scottsdale Shea hospital for the great help, the $50 Zolfran, the $40 sippy cup with the $20 ounce of Pedialyte, and Ellyette’s newfound love for Dora the Explorer. My child is feeling better and that is priceless.

We haven't gotten the bill yet, but I'm guessing this monkey cost us a small fortune.

And next time I try to take her to the library? I won’t tell her beforehand.