"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Holiday Reflections and New Year's Resolutions

Wow. Christmas flew by this year. And by flew, I mean passed right over my head and barely gave me a glimpse. It is entirely possible I missed the bulk of the holiday season because I was so busy at work (tis the season for holiday parties and holiday problems…) or because Ellyette doesn’t sleep so neither do I thus leaving me feeling groggy and grinch-like. Or maybe because she doesn’t yet have the same appreciation for National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, winter ales, holiday lights and Josh Grobin’s holiday album that I do.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: A classic feel good tale about family and Christmas cheer. That and a cousin named Eddie with his shitter...

Because it went so fast, I thought I would take a slow moment to make a few reflections on Ellyette’s first Christmas and end the post with a few New Year’s resolutions.

Positive holiday reflections:

Being able to spend Christmas with family. Thank you parents for making that possible. Ellyette got to size up against all her male cousins and create a battle plan for future beat downs.

Pumpkin Loaf. So delicious. Thank you Kim for giving us the option of loaf with no nuts.

Boundary Bay Brewery. I love you Oatmeal Stout.

The first date I’ve had with Ben in 7 months - And all we did was talk about Ellyette.

Vacation: After a nightmare month of weddings and holiday parties where everything that could possible wrong did, vacation was the best thing that could have ever happened to my sanity. For Ben too. He finally got a break from his 65-hour weeks.

Getting the chance to hang out with good friends and cousins. Always a pleasure talking about nothing important for long periods of time and then feeling accomplished and fuzzy afterward.

Christmas - Because Christmas with a baby is just more fun.

She can thank me for this picture when she's older >:)

And while I pretty much love all things Christmas, it does have a couple drawbacks…..

Blow up characters and plastic yard ornaments

No, this picture wasn't taken at Big Lots, but it could have been.

Thanks neighbors for devaluing the whole block. Much appreciated!

Cars with antlers and red noses

Note to all: Red noses only look good on reindeers named Rudolph.

Last minute Christmas shopping - especially in Bellingham, WA

The post Christmas let down: Having no money, putting away decorations, putting Pandora back to Casperbaby Pants radio and taking down the sad dead tree.

On to New Years Resolutions:

1. I hear by resolve to try to get my blog posts up within a reasonable time from when I actually start writing them. It seems like I start one and it takes me a week or more to actually finish. And also redoing the format so it looks a little more feng shui.

2. Getting Ellyette to sleep. Ugggg. I think we are finally emotionally ready for cry it out. I think. Maybe. Hopefully. Possibly. Sort of.

3. Possibly going back to Prague to get E fizzle dizzle a sibling. Are you ready for more posts on European fashion? I personally can’t wait for more Tiva’s with socks paired with acid washed Genie pants. Oh snap.

And finally…..Getting enough corporate clients to finally start my own business. Hooray! That would mean no more brides and bridezillas. My nerves won’t last much longer dealing with wedding schenanigans. I don’t get paid nearly enough for that nonsense.

So far, I’m not doing so well because I started this post about four days ago and I’m just now getting around to posting it. That life, it gets in the way of everything….


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