"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

A letter from the heart

Dear Sleep,

As I sit here at 2:30 a.m. wide-awake and miserable, I started thinking about you, me and we. It dawned on me that I have never given you the respect you deserve. I have never let you know how much I appreciate you. I have carelessly mismanaged our relationship and failed to recognize your true value. You know the saying, “you don’t know what you have until you lose it?” I feel that way about you, dear sleep. You are the Zoloft of my soul. Without you I am a lesser person. I become discombobulated and easily confused. I lash out at ridiculous things like unfolded clothes and muddy paw prints on the tile. I lose my patience with people and become quick tempered with terrible drivers. I often forget how amazing my life is.

Sleep, you complete me.

I hope one day you will forgive me for my lack of gratitude. I hope one day you will return. I promise to never neglect you again. I promise to celebrate all that you offer. I promise that even if you will give me three strait hours of your greatness in a row, I will become a better person. I will like myself better. People will like me better.

I cannot do this on my own, dear sleep. If ever I were to beg, it is here and now. Please come back to me. I will change my ways. I will love and respect our relationship. I will put you on the pedestal that you deserve. I want to move forward with you in my life. I beg you publicly, come back. Please come back.

Love always,