"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Every day is a gift

Before having Ellyette, I would have considered the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School an awful tragedy. I would have probably spent most of my time thinking about mental health issues and how this country ignores people who are a danger to themselves and others. How our healthcare system is not set up for those with massive issues and how we have very few tools to deal with these kinds of people. blah blah blah...

But now that I am a mom, the devastation of this shooting hits a whole new nerve. I feel sick to my stomach every time I think about it and whenever I see a picture of one of those little boys and girls, I cry. I can't help it, the waterworks just start. I can't even imagine being the parent of one of those twenty beautiful children. How does a parent go on after something like that? How will these people pick up the pieces? My heart breaks not only for what they have been through the last week, but what they have to continue to go through for the rest of their lives. And while I know the issues of mental health and gun control will rage on consuming the media for the next several months until the next thing comes along, I will not forget about the human factor in this shooting. I couldn't even if I wanted to. And I can promise that this Christmas season, and every day after I will hug my baby just a little tighter and hold her just a little longer, because every day that I have with her is the most special gift a mother could ask for.