"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Gobble Gobble

The irony of the above is not lost on me as the first thing I did this morning was go to the grocery store to grab cranberries and a paper for all the black Friday ads. Do I need another TV? No. But if the deal is good enough……
And indeed my first text of the morning was to my sister (who couldn’t pass up a 60” plasma TV that Best Buy was offering as a pre-Thanksgiving and black Friday deal). I text, “Ben found a wall mount for your TV for $25. Super cheap.” Next text. “Oh ya, happy Thanksgiving.”

Normally Ben and I don’t like Thanksgiving too terribly much. Ben works insane hours the week leading up to turkey day, and I always work on it. And then we both work the Friday and Saturday after. Not much of a holiday for either of us. And I like to think that I celebrate the things and people in my life more than just once a year. However, this year I do feel especially thankful. It might just be the never-ending post partum hormones that make me feel unworthy of my own life, but maybe that isn’t a bad thing. So hold on while I grab my tissue, start the Kenny G, and short list the people and things I am thankful for:

My amazing daughter who puts up with both Ben and me.

My incredibly wonderful and patient husband who has the strength to put up with a house full of estrogen (even both my dogs are female).

Family – Because my family is incredible. This also includes extended family and Ben’s family – the perfect trifecta.

My friends – both near and far who I also consider to be family

My stuff – because who doesn’t like stuff

Being able to afford stuff – because once upon a time I couldn’t even afford nothing

Research and Development /Fertility technology/Gennet and its staff/European medical prices – without these things Ellyette would not be here and I would not be quite as thankful.

Being able to live in a place where I can be me – For all the things I wished I could change about this world, I still live in a place where I can choose all things Krista; where I live, my level of education, my job, my friends…pretty much everything.

My health – So I can keep on trekkin'.

There are plenty more things I am thankful for, but the CD just started playing Holly Jolly Christmas, the candles have burned out and my eyes are almost swollen shut.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! And if you see me at Target in a few hours, remind me I don’t need 2/3’s of what is in my cart….