"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Elections are over. Time to grab your bong and hotbox the car

Wait…There was a presidential election too?

Well, at least I followed all the important issues, like the legalization of marijuana in Washington State and Colorado. Being a native Washingtonian, I thought it appropriate that the state was finally able to nationally recognize its favorite pastime. Nobody REALLY thought that Washington was the Evergreen state because of the tree did they?

All kidding aside (sort of), my family – meaning my mom and brother-in-law took the liberty to turn the presidential election into a betting match. After all, who wouldn’t use the (arguably) most important American freedom to pursue a personal gain? Forget football games and horse races, time to put money on congressional district 2..and 3..and 4. And maybe with a little lady luck, even a legislative proposition or two. Really, who needs sports when you have elections? And by the way things looked this election, sports on TV will be nonexistent during election season anyway, replaced with 24/7 campaign ads.

But that is why I love my family. We can all have a little fun, even if we check different boxes on Election Day. And even though my mom is threatening to relocate to a foreign country after yesterday’s results, she still owes my sister and brother-in-law a fancy dinner before she leaves. And they won’t let her forget about it. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The good news however, that we are all still talking…or at least texting. Conversations like the the one below are the reason I love my fam.

And it goes on from there....But the gist is that regardless of how different political views can be (and in my family, they are very very different) We can still laugh at the end of the day.

But maybe that's because Brett had already taken advantage of Washington's new freedoms......