"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Dear BreeAnne…Welcome to my new life

My younger sister BreeAnne just left from her first visit to Arizona since Ellyette was born. While she visits often, this particular time was more business than pleasure.

It started with my phone call to her a couple weeks ago, which went something like the following:
“So……what are you doing between the 16th and the 23rd? Nothing hopefully, because I really need someone to watch E the 19th and 20th. Heather is going to be in Indiana helping her in-laws harvest their farm. How awesomely rural is that? Please, please, please. I’d rather spend the money to buy your plane ticket down here then pay a stranger almost as much to watch her for two days."

While it might seem extreme to fly a family member down to babysit for a couple days, please reference my previous babysitter post to gain a full understanding of why this seemed like logic at its finest. Anyway… She couldn’t say no. After all, her memories of AZ include hanging out with yours truly, basking in the glorious sun, hanging out by the pool, hiking, golfing, drinking beer, hitting up a couple happy hours and eating the best Mexican food around. What’s not to love?

The days of old:

Patron shots on the golf course. Taken with the plastic Hawaiian shot glass feet from the dollar store (which you might also recognize from the orange juice and caster oil shot that I took just hours before starting labor) SWAGGY

Bree hitting her par 12

Hiking in Sedona -

Happy Hours galore

But oh how the times have changed. Besides the three days of watching Ellyette (Ben took advantage and worked a six day week to her surprise, hence the extra babysitting day), she also got to partake in such fun activities as….wait for it……

The pumpkin patch!!!

If she looks annoyed in that picture, it's because the pumpkin she is holding cost $9.

What a sport. She even posed as the creepy country pumpkin with shaved bodybuilding legs and a pair of wicked Frye boots.

The hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Complete with hay fleas.

The Zoo!!!!

Bree and E with Ruby the elephant in the background

The Train Park!!!!

Almost like Disneyland, but less fun.

Riding the kiddy train through the park. $2 of rip roaring fun for all ages.


That silly Bree brought her swimsuit. Little did she know that her pool time would be traded in for exersaucer and tummy time.

In the end however, I think she did have a good time. Even if that meant trading in margaritas at Valle Luna for cheddar goldfish at the zoo.