"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"


Over the course of the last four months, I have spent a decent amount of time on A few days ago, one of the “community topics” was whether or not parents cared what the sex of their baby was. Before I go on, I would like to acknowledge that I have not posted on any baby forum as of yet, nor have I spent countless hours on pregnancy forums like I did with the infertility forums. I have not felt the need to sneak questions and concerns or felt the desire support to my fellow pregnant comrades as I did the infertiles. So at present, I have nothing to hide from Ben that might cause me shame or embarrassment.

Anyway, I did read these particular comments to see if parents had a preference. While some mom’s did admit that they wanted a certain sex, the majority of comments said the following: “I don’t care what I’m having as long as it’s healthy.”

To which I say, “I believe you… Meh, not really.”

Because I too was one of those women, until I found out last week that Ziggy has the capabilities to add an “ette” to the end of her name and go by Ziggette, if she so chooses.

It was at the moment when I found out she was a girl that I realized that I had wanted a girl all along. I had just thought “she” was a “he” and been happy that I had gotten and sustained being pregnant to begin with. And I, probably more than most, was worried that about a healthy baby because of all the medication I was on for so long, and the process we went through to even come to this point. So I was relieved when they told me that everything looked good. But to be perfectly honest, when they told me it was a girl, I felt my heart almost leap out of my chest. I was so excited. Of course my internal excitement was eluded by my outward burst of, "it is? Are you serious?" - I have such a way with words..

So, while I do believe that most women will be happy with either sex,to hope for one gender or the other is totally natural. In fact, I appreciate the honesty. It is refreshing. And it doesn’t mean a mom will love the baby any less if it isn’t the gender she wanted.

True story: One of my friends recently had a baby girl. While she couldn’t imagine anything different now, when she found out “she” was not a “he,” she cried in the ultrasound office. No joke. That is how badly she wanted a boy.

Maybe I love that story because my sense of humor is slightly off anyway, or because I appreciate my friend's honesty, but I have decided that being real with your feelings is the way to go.... But that might also be because I got exactly what I wanted. A girl.

Shot from the toilet. I hope CPS doesn't take my baby away the second she comes out after seeing this picture ;)~


  1. Sugar and spice and everything nice-congrats :)

  2. Hi
    I have discovered your blog by accident while I was googling Dr Danek and Gennet. I come from Prague, but live in Switzerland and am going through the 2nd IVF cycle here. Were were blessed with a petridish DS in 2011 and are now trying for a sibling. If IVF in Switzerland doesn't work (like in the US, insurance doesn't cover any fertility treatment), Gennet will be our plan B.
    Btw, I was LOL when reading the section about Prague/Europe fashion trends!!! Overall, your blog is really funny and entertaining. Going back to read more while my DS is sleeping...
    All the best and big congrats on your DD!!!