"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Even Gangsta's Need Love Too

“Emotions are often unstable and feelings of depression are not uncommon, often for no apparent reason. It is commonly believed that the mood changes in pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes…Frequently a woman will become tearful with little cause. When asked why she is crying, she may find it difficult or impossible to give a reason.” - UI Maternity Center

Over the last couple weeks, I have found myself crying at everything. And by everything I mean pretty much everything. I have compiled a list of all the things I have cried at over the last few days.

The ESPN pre-game feature story about a boy with cancer that sings the national anthem at the Philadelphia Eagles football games, occasionally.

Being tired of being sick and tired.

The theme song to Extreme Makeover Home Addition.

A partial episode of Ghost Whisperer (I wasn’t even sure what was going on when I started crying that time).

Having nothing to wear.

Having to go to work.

Dropping my iphone in the toilet and thinking it was ruined (although, I probably would have cried regardless of my hormones with that one).

Gabriel Giffords first TV interview with Diane Sawyer.

Because Ben made me tater tots for dinner and I was so grateful.

The part in “Elf” where New York is getting its Christmas spirit back by singing carols in Central Park.

Anytime Ben looks at me to check if I’m crying.

After hearing “Gangsta’s Need Love Too” by Master P, because after all, gangsta’s do need love too.

I’m sure Ben can think of more episodes of tear-fest 2011 because he likes to turn and look at me really quickly to catch me in the act as much as possible and then make fun of me. Nice guy.

Considering in normal life I am not much of a crier, these new emotions have caught me off guard. I can't even hide trying to cry because it comes out more like a sob. In fact, when I cried because Ben made me tater tots for dinner, I almost choked on one I was so hysterical. And then I was fine, like the outburst never happened.

Now I am paranoid that my crying has affected Ziggy Stardust into being an overemotional zygote that will follow after his mom's footsteps because what he/she experienced in the womb. I can thank some obnoxious article I read about "a mom's emotions while pregnant shape the babies personality outside the womb." But more about that in my next post.....


It's a boy, it's a's a David Bowie alter ego?

I have finally hit a major milestone in my pregnancy. I can now go into the doctor’s office without being told to “disrobe from the waste down,” and hop into the stirrups. In fact, at my 12-week ultrasound, the most undressing I had to do was unbutton the top of my pants. I couldn’t believe my luck. The wand actually goes on top of your stomach. What a new and pleasant experience from the ultrasounds of old. I’m used to the ultrasound wand that wears a condom and lube, literally.

The 12-week ultrasound has been one of the best parts of this pregnancy so far, besides actually finding out I was pregnant and seeing the heartbeat at 7-weeks. We actually got a chance to see the baby in full action, fist pumps, chest bumps, and all. It actually looked like a mini-baby to my surprise. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but compared to the last two times I've seen it, a lot of progress has been made, including actual arms and legs. And, this time, I haven't even lost the ultrasound pictures yet.

For the moment, we have decided to call the baby Ziggy Stardust Hummel. And as you will see, we didn't choose that name, it chose itself.

I like to think it's a fist pump, but Ziggy Stardust might actually just be punching me in the uterus

side pose, Vogue style

Ladies and Gentleman, the side effects of IVF drug use...May I present to you Ziggy Stardust Hummel.