"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Tivas, and Crocs, and Nylons, Oh My!

If Europe is as fashion forward as we all have been led to believe, and all the trends here are headed to the United States, I thought I should warn everybody of what we all have to look forward to (I fear this could be a two-part series)...

Exhibit A: Her- See through lace tank with visible bra, shaved head with one side chunk of hair left to flow freely, Him - man Capris.

Exhibit B: Combination of eccentrically bold man capris, high black socks, and running shoes

Exhibit C: Plaid man capris paired with a striped shirt and finished with black socks and brown sandals.

Exhibit D: Man extensions, apparently goes with everything and nothing at the same time

Exhibit E: Socks and sandals for him, and acid washed parachute jeans for her. I guess in Europe MC Hammer is making a comeback. The good news is that she decided not to wear the shirtless vest and tuxedo shoe combo to go with the pants....

Exhibit F: Who wears short shorts?

Exhibit G: "I do. I do"

Exhibit H: "Me too. Me too"

Exhibit I: Czechs version of our "striped shirt guy," complete with full frontal shred on his jeans, unbuttoned shirt, and rockin' kicks

Exhibit J: Showing off abs of steel

Exhibit K: Abs of steel part 2

Exhibit L: Speedo with Crocs, the ultimate European trend. Can't wait for that one to cross oceans!

Exhibit M: Last but not least, Ben making his own failed fashion statement

Other fashion forward trends I've noticed but have not gotten a picture of (yet)

Faux Hawks - bold and brash with equally annoying people who's heads they adorn.

Skin colored nylons with everything: Dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, shirts, mini skirts.

sandals with massive ankle cuffs

Girls with half of a shaved head (actually kind of cool)

Jeggings (yikes)

Capri jeans and rayon pants with large elastic pant cuffs and waist bands

And......I have now named Tiva the new international shoe. Worn by people in all countries without discrimination. And it must be a shoe that begs for socks, because most people wear the Tiva/sock combo without embarrassment.

Consider yourselves warned