"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Top 10

Several people have expressed shock, disapproval, dismay, uhh… concern…..with our decision to go abroad for IVF. While I do, I mean do not, feel the need to justify our choice of clinics (abet, it is a 17 hour flight away) I thought I would list the top 10 reasons we choose to go to Prague.

1) It’s cheaper….Way cheaper. Even with flights, 21 days worth of hotel, car rental, and all the plastic souvenirs I can stuff into my luggage, we are still saving an estimate of $5,000.

2) I really wanted a doctor who sounded like a communist outlaw.

3) Who doesn’t want to try drugs from another country?

4) My bitter feelings towards Ben not taking me on a foreign vacation were strong enough before I realized we had to shell out double digit thousands for IVF.

5) I wanted to keep our unorthodox methods of life changing decisions abroad….Engaged in Spain, married in Mexico, conceive a petri dish child in Czech.

6) I am ignorant/naive/inexperienced enough to believe that it will work the first or errr. Second, time.

7) Side effects? What side effects?

8) Anyone heard of “pre-baby” vacation?

9) A chance to visit the future.

10) I hear Czech beer is delicious and takes away nasty Gonal-F side effects.