"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

GPS Genius

This is a map of Prague

We had one hour to make it from the airport (a tiny dot on the map) to our clinic, (not even a dot on the map). Somehow, we managed to make it on time. I still don't know how. The clinic was an address not even Mapquest recognized and looked something like this:

Na porici 1047/26, 110 00 Praha-Nove Mesto, Czech Republic

Except it also had various dots, lines, and foreign punctuation marks above most of the letters.

So how Ben glanced at a map and got us to not only the right part of the city, but a clinic that was down an ally off the main street and inside a courtyard, was amazing to me....And I know some of you might be saying to yourselves, "well, Krista, it is you saying this, and we all know that your sense of direction is soooo terrible, that even hours later, you would still be circling the airport trying to get out of terminal 3." Which is true. But then, after my appointment (which I will get to in the next post), he drives us out of the main city, and all the way to downtown Budapest on no sleep. See below map.

He also drives like a European, possibly even more so than an actual European. He breaks all the laws, cuts people off, rides their tails in the fast lane, and still (up to this point), has avoided any accidents.

The guy is a human GPS genius

Not our actual car: