"As for me, I'll take one baby marinated in a dish please"

Apparantly "shhhh" in universal in all languages

We only had 2 days in Vienna before we had to go back for my second appointment, so we toured castles, went into a bunch of churches, saw the Mozart statue, sat through part of a symphony on day one of the Vienna film festival, and went to an opera.

Because we didn't want to spend too much money on the opera, Ben and I got standing room only while my parents splurged and sat in one of the boxes. A classic case of peasantry vs. bourgeoisie.

It turned out that we had overall better viewing as we were right in the middle/front, while my parents sat in the back of the fourth row on the side of the fifth level box. Who would have guessed? Score one for the peasants.

The opera itself was a collection of Mozart, Strauss,Beethoven, and possibly more composers. A tall order for any orchestra with those big guns in the lineup.

I sort of felt like I did at the Journey concert a couple weeks ago, where if the greatest hits weren't played a riot would break out (nobody wants to miss out on Beethoven's Symphony Nine," Trust me.) Fortunately, unlike the Journey concert, Beethoven and Mozart don't have any new stuff they can throw out to disrupt all the classics. So, while everybody in the audience was waiting for Ein kline Nacht, Ben was wishing he had his iphone so he could Shazam all the other songs that we didn't know. After he whispered over me know about Shazam, I decided to go into detail about how flammable all the costumes looked. Between the two observations, an Asian woman turned around and "shhhhd" us disapprovingly. Finger to the lips and everything. She didn't even speak English, but I guess "shhh" is universal.

We didn't speak the rest of the show except for Ben telling me he could sing just as well, or even better than the guy on stage. You might not be able to hear him, but these pictures should give you an overall idea of his presence.